We’ve Been BOO-ed!!

Ok, so this may not be cooking related, but I wanted to share this cute Halloween chain gifting event with everyone. Last week, as the kids and I were about to leave the driveway and head off to school; Shayne exclaimed “we have a package!” “A package?” I thought; I hadn’t heard the doorbell ring notifying us of a package delivery. I had Shayne get out of the vehicle and retrieve the package. He came back carrying a cute pumpkin gift bag. The goodies inside the bag were covered by yellow and orange tissue paper, but I managed to pull out the tightly wound BOO notification without disrupting the rest of the package. You see, Shayne and Landon made Alainna and me vow not to rifle through the bags contents until the end of the school day so they could see all of the goodies for themselves. I thought it would be difficult to keep Alainna from terrorizing the bag the instant we arrived home, but thankfully, she patiently waited for her brothers. When the kids arrived home, they greedily rummaged through the bag, unloading its goodies. Here is what was left of the BOObag we received after the kids got their hands on it:

The notification inside the package stated that in order to continue this fun BOOing game, each person who receives a BOO needs to assemble two BOO packages of their own to distribute to two neighbors whom have not been BOO-ed. The next day, Alainna and I assembled our two BOO bags. Inside, we included some cute coloring boards; a Halloween book; spooky Pez dispensers; Halloween pencils; candy necklaces; and a variety of chocolate candy bars and Life Saver gummies. After assembling our BOO bags, we printed up instructions at BeenBooed.com so that our newly BOO-ed neighbors could continue this delightful BOOing game.
I sent Landon out later that evening to two of our neighbors’ homes to deliver the BOO bags inconspicuously. I know he managed to deliver at least one goodie bag undetected, but I fear that his anonymity was compromised when he delivered the second bag. Oh well, there is always next year. Happy Halloween!!

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