Triple Chocolate Apple of My Eye Cake


Yesterday was Shayne’s birthday. My little boy had finally hit double digits. I have no idea where all the time, between when he was born and now, has gone. It truly seems like only yesterday that I was cradling him in my arms, but now, all of the sudden he is grown up enough to attend his first sleepover.

I remember all those days when we would watch Rolie Polie Olie, both the shows and the movie, together. So often in fact, we both knew every line in the movie. At the time, I didn’t think that watching Rolie Polie Olie with Shayne would amount to much in terms of ‘fond memories’, but I think that in the end, it didn’t really matter what we were watching or doing together, the most important thing was the time we were spending with each other. So to pay homage to Rolie Polie Olie, I have decided to call this cake the Triple Chocolate Apple of My Eye Cake both because the cake is triple chocolate (if you count the sprinkles) and because Shayne is the apple of my eye.

Shayne made it perfectly clear that he wanted a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday (what else is new? If it isn’t chocolate then Shayne doesn’t usually eat it). I decided to go with another Bon Appétit recipe since the first one I tried from the magazine came out pretty well. After choosing this recipe, I decided that it would be best if I 1) did not tell anyone that it was made with mayonnaise and 2) did not mention the number of calories in each slice. I wanted everyone to actually try the cake before they passed judgment. Unfortunately, I knew that my husband, who is in the progress of changing his eating habits, would want to know how many calories he is consuming – so that secret could not be kept for sure. After actually tasting the cake and being so surprised by the moistness and overall texture of the cake, I decided that I should not keep the key ingredient a secret either.


Unfortunately (again), everyone’s bites slowed considerably after this information was revealed. I am not sure what was the bigger turn off; the fact that each slice had nearly one thousand calories; or the fact that they were eating chocolate coated mayonnaise. Granted, the cake tasted nothing like mayonnaise – it actually had a really nice chocolate flavor – no trace of mayonnaise tang at all. The cake was very rich with four layers of both cake and frosting, so I think that the slices could have been smaller. The recipe claims that the cake serves 10-12. I sliced the cake into 12 pieces and even halved some of those. Even still, it is hard to get over the high caloric content of this cake, not matter how good it tastes.

Shayne loved the cake itself, but was not too excited about the frosting. The frosting calls for bittersweet chocolate and even though it is sweetened with confectioners’ sugar, I think that it was still too sharp tasting for Shayne. Shayne prefers his chocolate to be sickeningly sweet, so if I make this cake again, I would likely replace the bittersweet chocolate in the frosting with semi-sweet chocolate. Alainna and I thought that the frosting was very good – chocolate-y; light; fluffy – what’s not to love? Alainna even ran her little fingers through the side of the left over cake which made it impossible to force either one of my sisters to take the leftovers. Not that I am complaining. 😛

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