Grape Crush

So, I mentioned in an earlier post that Kris and I went to Vegas last year for our anniversary. Well, here is my version of another Society specialty – Grape Crush. My husband and I cannot come to an agreement as to the exact price of this drink. He knows it was at least $10 and I am sure that it was closer to $15. Either way, the cost was not reflective of the quantity that is for sure. To be honest, I was not impressed with this drink when we tried it in Vegas – probably because I could not justify the cost. Because Kris loved it so much, I decided to recreate it at home. I knew five things were for certain; the drink contained crushed grapes; white grape juice; grape vodka; elderberry liqueur; oh, and ice – lots of ice. My version is much skimpier in the ice department. Who wants a watered down cocktail? The Grape Crush is the perfect cocktail for those sultry summer nights – it’s light, fruity, and refreshing.

Grape Crush
Serves: 1
  • 10 grapes (the darker the better)
  • 8 oz white grape juice, chilled
  • 1.5 oz grape vodka
  • 2 oz elderberry liqueur
  • Grape ice cubes (directions follow)
  1. In small bowl, crush 6 grapes
  2. Add grape vodka and elderberry liqueur to crushed grapes, to infuse grapes. (For best results, refrigerate at least 30 minutes, or overnight. The longer this mixture sits, the darker the liquid will become. The infusion step can be skipped if time does not permit.)
  3. Place infused grapes and liquid in a cocktail glass; cover with grape ice cubes
  4. Fill glass with white grape juice; garnish with remaining whole grapes if desired

Grape Ice Cubes
I had initially made my grape ice cubes using sliced grapes, but I find that crushing the grapes used in the ice cubes to be more consistent and appealing. Flavored ice cubes are perfect for non alcoholic drinks also. I often make pomegranate ice cubes for my daughter Alainna to pour her white grape juice over. She calls the combo her ‘princess’ drink. The slow, syrupy bleed of the deep pomegranate color into the crisp white grape juice creates a precious pink color, perfect for tea parties.
  • 6 grapes
  • White grape juice
  1. Slice each grape in half, crush slightly
  2. Arrange crushed grapes in ice cube tray
  3. Fill with white grape juice
  4. Freeze until set

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