COCOZIA Coconut Water Pt.2

COCOZIA coconut water

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to let go of summer just yet. I am still longing for the scent of barbeque and sunscreen lingering through the air while I sip a cool drink under the warm sun.  To me, coconut is the epitome of summer. It’s light, refreshing, nutty, and tropical enough to nearly convince me that I am on an island vacation miles away from all of the everyday stress.

Because I love all things coconut, including coconut water, I am very excited to share some great news. Cocozia coconut water, my personal favorite, now comes in a 16.9oz resealable container. To me, this is invaluable because I love using Cocozia in my recipes, but often times do not use the entire container. These new larger, resealable bottles allow me to use what I need for a recipe without spoiling any of the leftovers.

I use coconut water in many recipes not only because of the natural, light nutty flavor it imparts, but also because it is said to be very healthy. Cocozia coconut water only has 40 calories per 8oz serving, is fat and cholesterol free, and is chocked full of natural electrolytes including potassium and valuable minerals, calcium and iron. Coconut water aids in hydration just as well, if not better than sports drinks.  I personally would feel better giving my children coconut water instead of sugary sports drinks that host a laundry list of ingredients that I can’t even pronounce. If they would drink it, that is.

I have become completely enamored with coconut water over the last few months, but my kids – not so much. My coconut rice is a great way to introduce coconut water to your family if they are skeptical like mine were.

**Epicurex LLC provided me with free samples of Cocozia coconut water. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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