Cocozia Coconut Water – Product Review


I was recently contacted by Epicurex LLC, makers of Cocozia, to try their coconut water. I had never tried coconut water before, so I was eager to see what the buzz was all about. Naturally, I had to go out and purchase a couple other brands of coconut water while I waited for my shipment of Cocozia to arrive. This way, I could get an idea of what to expect in coconut water, and it allowed me to compare how Cocozia stacked up to other brands more readily available on the market. After trying some of the other brands, I was kind of turned off by coconut water. One brand tasted so strongly and artificially of coconut, that I thought it had been accidentally replaced with coconut scented suntan oil. The other brand I tried tasted like dirty water. I was not interested in reliving the days of my youth where we lived on a Quaker farm and the water that came from the tap was a dirty tasting, rusty orange. Yuck.

After a couple of days, my Cocozia samples finally arrived. Yay! I popped several into the fridge to chill – as instructed on the package.  Although I wanted to taste the Cocozia immediately when it arrived, I didn’t want my opinion to be swayed because I didn’t follow directions and drank it while it was at room temperature. Instead, I grabbed a few more samples and headed to the kitchen to get cooking. I made a Low-fat Coconut Rice and a Coconut and Lime Granita. The Cocozia coconut water tasted great in both hot and cold recipes. The flavor was natural, mild, and nutty.


The next day, I was finally able to taste the Cocozia in its pure, unadulterated state. I was pleasantly surprised by how clean and refreshing Cocozia is. Cocozia tastes just as you would expect coconut water to taste. It’s like they just whacked off the top of a coconut and poured it into cute, portable containers. Cocozia, by far, surpasses the other coconut waters I tried. The coconut flavor is mild, but still noticeable, a bit earthy, and light.

I convinced my husband, who is not a huge fan of coconut, to take a sip of Cocozia. To both of our surprise, he kept going back for more ‘sips’ until he finished the container. He said that Cocozia reminds him of when he lived in Hawaii and he would break open a coconut, drink the water and eat the flesh, pure, natural, and refreshing.

Overall, I am very impressed with the Cocozia product. I really like that Cocozia is organic, and does not contain GMO’s. My only suggestion to Epicurex LLC, would be to place the NON-GMO Verified symbol on the front of the packaging instead of on the back. There aren’t many companies who are able or willing to label their goods as non-GMO and I think that it would be a better use of their non-GMO status by acknowledging it on the front of the packaging.

**Epicurex LLC provided me with free samples of Cocozia coconut water. The opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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